HIV/AIDS and SRHR Program

HIV/AIDS and SRHR Program

We are best known for HIV/AIDS and SRHR programming, having started out as an HIV/AIDS prevention and care organization.  From providing family planning support to young women, to facilitating the delivery of HIV/AIDS treatment, we are experts at this.  Here is a snapshot of our current HIV/AIDS and SRHR projects.

Accelerating HIV epidemic control: We work very closely with 35 local health facilities to deliver comprehensive HIV/AIDS prevention, and care and support packages to our clients.  The health facilities benefit from our long experience in community mobilization and our extensive community volunteer networks, and we benefit from their access to key drugs, medical equipment, and technical expertise. Together, we extend HIV testing services to communities, support positive clients to access care and also offer consistent follow-up for the same.


PMTCT projects: We implement high impact projects to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS. Our strategies include increasing male involvement, extending HIV testing and counseling services to communities, utilizing the potential of young women living with HIV as change agents, promoting HIV testing for infants and strengthening community referral systems.

CSE projects: We have a long history of delivering comprehensive sex education (CSE) to communities. We started delivering life-saving information on HIV/AIDS, family planning, and sexual reproductive health rights in 2007. To date, we still conduct HIV/AIDS sensitization sessions in schools, homes, markets and at workplaces. We also run interactive (call-in) radio programs on the same.  On top of this, we maintain physical youth-friendly drop-in centers where young people walk in and get all the information they need about their sexuality, family planning, and HIV/AIDS.  We also provide free HIV counseling and testing services at these centers.


MARPs-targeted projects: we implement a number of responsive and proactive HIV/AIDS projects that target most-at-risk populations (MARPs). This includes providing free HIV counseling and testing services and providing condom use education and distribution to young sex workers, fishing communities and young people living with HIV.  We let the most-at-risk populations define the strategies that are most likely to work for them – this explains why we go as far as conducting HIV counseling and testing outreaches at night – for populations that prefer to be served at night!