About Us


We started as a small organization working in one village (back in 2007). Today, we are one of the largest youth-focused organizations in western Uganda, with operations in the districts of Kasese, Bunyangabu, Bundibugyo, and Ntoroko (in the Rwenzori sub-region). We also extend outreach activities to parts of the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

We are locally founded and managed by staff from within the communities we serve. We have a large network of community-based volunteers, and our board of directors has representatives from the local community leaderships.  

We have a unique model in which we use local solutions to solve local problems. Our community-based volunteers design and deliver our programs (informed by locally-generated evidence). What makes us stand out of the crowd is our focus on depth – rather than scale.  We serve for impact, and not just to make up the numbers!


We implement three major programs: HIV/AIDS and SRHR Program; Livelihoods Improvement Program and the Live-Green Program.

HIV/AIDS and SRHR Program

We are best known for HIV/AIDS and SRHR programming, having started out as an HIV/AIDS prevention and care organisation.

  • Accelerating HIV epidemic control
  • CSE, PMTCT & MARPs-Targeted Projects

Livelihoods Improvement Program

Targeting those in the greatest need, our livelihoods improvement projects are focused on empowerment rather than providing handouts.

  • YEI Social Enterprise
  • OVCs Support Projects

Live-Green Program

The world is getting hotter by the day. That might sound like a cliché, but we are living this sad reality!

  • Community Sensitisation
  • Kitchen Gardening & School Environmental Clubs